Baccarat table layout in a classic and internet casino difference

Baccarat table layout and bets

Baccarat is one of the classic card games and therefore also represented in modern online casinos worldwide. As is the case for many card games, the origin of baccarat is largely unknown, but it is said to have been played for the first time in Naples in Italy in the 16th century. The name of the game strongly suggests that translation from Neapolitan dialect, it sounds as “Zero”.

Each one, who takes a decision to play Baccarat casino card game, must know the Baccarat table layout. This is pretty simple information, and even a newbie can remember it with no problems. Although the tables differ a bit (it depends on the game type (online/offline, Mini/Classic baccarat), the layouts are alike.

Baccarat table layout

This card game is played at a special table that has got a simple layout: in a classic casino, the best Baccarat table is covered with a special green cloth. Its middle is for dealers, and other spaces (2 ones) are for players. The croupiers serving the ends of the table use their spaces to give out winnings, exchange and collect lost chips from the table. The third dealer called a caller in classic casinos (he declares the combination of cards and names the winner) moves cards.

Table Baccarat boxes should be also mentioned. These are:

  • The box for shuffled decks of cards;
  • Box for wagering cards;
  • Baccarat table block that has got everything about the game rules and casino’s information including Baccarat odds.

This information will be remembered automatically when the player starts playing this game: the knowledge will come to him in the gambling process. Therefore, it is always recommended to start with free online Baccarat, and then, when the confidence comes, a land casino gambling can be chosen.

Baccarat table bets

In the classic game, 14 places are allotted to the gamblers, and they are numbered. Sometimes (even often), the number 13 place is missing…so the places might come like…11, 12, 14, 15. Each player (in his sector) has three betting fields (on the player, the banker or on Tie). In order not to slow down the gambling process, the croupier gives out bets on winnings to the Bank, without deducting every commission set. The final calculation is made when Baccarat comes to its end or when a participant takes a decision to leave the Baccarat table as he is not interested more in this casino game. It is also not recommended to bet on a Tie, as the house edge here reaches 14%. Betting on the banker or a player, the gambler has more chances to win.

Mini Baccarat table

Here, almost nothing of the abovementioned is changed, but the number of the players is maximum 7. Thus, the table is smaller, and it has got fewer sections for the game participants. The newbies should better start playing this game with its Mini variant: it is easier, faster, and Baccarat table bets even in the best casino in Vegas is lower.

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