Dragon bonus Baccarat bet card counting

Dragon bonus Baccarat bet in brief

Baccarat is one of the simplest games that do not have too many rules. Probably, that is the reason of game variations and features that are added in some casinos. Some of them are well-known to even the newbies, whereas the other ones are surprised to hear about the so-called Dragon bonus Baccarat bet card counting and do not know what it is.

dragon bonus baccarat

What is Dragon bonus Baccarat Bet?

Dragon bonus Baccarat online game uses one or more ordinary decks of fifty-two cards without jokers. They are shuffled before each change. The casino is always the opponent of the client. The goal is to win, for which the player needs to guess the outcome of the distribution. Dragon Bonus Baccarat accepts a side bet on a banker or player. It is paid if natural 9 (nine points) is formed for this position, or if the winner wins by at least four points.

In short, a Baccarat bonus hand with nine points (Natural 9) or the total score closest to nine wins. Aces give one point, cards from two to nine are considered at face value. If the sum of the points is more than ten, the first digit on the left is discarded (for example, five and nine give 14, which mean 4 points). Winning bets on a player or banker are paid at a ratio of 1: 1. When calculating the payment at the rate on the banker, an additional 5% commission is charged. A bet on a tie is paid in the ratio of 8: 1 (sometimes 7: 1, even less often 9: 1).

Card counting in Baccarat Dragon bet

baccarat dragon bet

Today, the dragon bonus is probably the most common additional bet, which is accepted not only on the victory of the dealer, but also on the victory of the player. Such bet wins if the selected position wins with 9 natural points (the so-called Natural 9) with an advantage of at least 4 points. The bet payments are the following ones:

  • The highest Dragon bonus Baccarat is Natural 9 – 30:1 odds;
  • If the advantage is at the level of 8 points – a payout of 10:1;
  • If the advantage is 7 points – payout 6:1;
  • With an advantage of 6 points – the payout is 4:1;
  • 5 points advantage brings a 2:1;
  • If the two sides have 9 points – in this case, the croupier declares a tie. In all other cases, this bet loses.

Players should pay attention to the size of the benefits that a casino has. When betting on a player, the casino advantage is 2.65%, while betting on a dealer is 9.37%. These numbers can undergo minor changes when changing the number of decks participating in the game.

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