Blackjack rules and strategy

“Blackjack” is a well-known card game. However, over time, it has been seriously changed. A mathematical theory was developed, the application of which greatly increases the chances of winning for a player. The popularity of the game is tanks to the theory of probability and a win is not always guaranteed for a casino. This is what sets Blackjack apart from other casino games.

Basic blackjack rules

The object of the blackjack game is to score twenty-one points, or the number of points as close as possible to this amount, but not more than it. The value of the player’s cards is compared with the value of the dealer’s cards and the winner is determined.blackjack rules

Value of cards:

  1. The blackjack rules say that cards from two to ten have the same value as their face value;
  2. The value of a jack, queen, and king is equal to ten points;
  3. Ace can give one or eleven points. This choice is made in favor of the player.

For example, if the box has an ace and a four, it is declared that the player has five or fifteen points. If he gets a six, he gets twenty-one points.

Game progress

In the basic version of the game, the dealer deals two cards to all the players and himself. He reveals one of his cards. The version of the blackjack dealer rules has become widespread, according to which the dealer deals himself only one face-up card, and the rest is collected after all the players.

If the dealer has an ace or a ten-point card, blackjack is not paid until it is time to compare hands. If the dealer has an ace open, according to the rules of some casinos, he offers the player who has blackjack, the so-called “equal money”. This means that he immediately pays blackjack 1: 1 and takes the cards.

Basic strategy

What is the whole gambling business based on? It is based on small units of interest, which are determined by the rules of a particular game. For example for beginners, when playing standard Baccarat, the house edge is 1.24%, when playing roulette to win, the house edge will be 5.26%, and blackjack rules give a huge advantage from 6 to 16%. The player always runs the risk of going over first. blackjack rules online

If the player plays according to the rules of the banker (buys up to 16 and stops at 17 and higher, never duplicating or dividing pairs), then the banker, since the first move belongs to the player, already has a 4.6% advantage. How can this interest be offset? The following decisions will be correct during the game:

  • The correct decision “buy – stop” is 2.55% in favor of the player;
  • The correct decision “duplicate – buy” is 1.55% in favor of the player;
  • The correct decision to split pairs is 0.55% in favor of the player;
  • The amount is 4.6 in favor of the player.

Thus, if you use the right solutions, the advantages of the casino can be reduced to almost zero. In this regard, the correct decisions “buy – stop” are summarized in the table below. It is worth noting that a player has a “soft hand” if his cards include an ace and, at the same time, counting an ace for 11 points, the player does not bust. All other combinations other than 21 points are called “firm hands”.

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