How to count cards in blackjack: helpful guide for beginners

Blackjack – is a popular card game, well-known all around the world. It became loved because of couple main reasons: it’s interesting and exciting, you could show up your skill and ability to analyze here, you also could win a lot of money if you are a champion. Even though rules of blackjack are quite simple, and it’s easy to remember them, you still need a lot of practice and patience in order to become real professional.

How to count cards in blackjack online

The main goal is to collect a couple of cards with total sum of 21 on them. If you exceed this number – you are automatically losing this game. If anyone couldn’t collect 21, then bets are getting those people, who got closer to this number. That’s why it’s important to analyze situation on the table all the time and know when you can risk, and when it’ll be better to play carefully.

Tips that will help you to learn how to count cards in blackjack with 1 deck

Card counting is a method that often use professional players in order to understand situation on the table and analyze if it’ll be good to risk or it’s better to pass this time. There are a couple of popular methods, but we don’t want to confuse it all together, so we are going to mention only one certain way.

This system has the name Hi-Op and it was severely times proven that the strategy truly works and players could effictively calculate what cards do their opponents have on hands.

So, main idea is to note every card value with certain count:

  • 3, 4, 5, 6 – count +1;
  • 2, 7, 8, 9, A – count 0;
  • 10, J, Q, K – count -1; as you could see – it’s very easy to understand, and you surely won’t have problems with learning how to count cards in blackjack;

It’s just one of the strategies, but since it’s well-known as the most profitable one, we’ve decided that it’ll be the best decision to start from it. Basically, now you know how to count cards in blackjack with 1 deck and it’s time to talk about multiple ones.How to count cards in blackjack

Tips that will help you to learn how to count cards in blackjack with multiple decks

Hi-Op strategy is very flexible and effective one, so it could be used as in games with 1 deck, as in games where there are many decks. So if you want to know how to count cards in blackjack with multiple decks – just read how to count cards with 1 deck and do the same. But, now we want to talk about counting card process in more detailed way and show it to you step by step, so that you could perfectly understand it.

  1. Assign a value to each card – you could learn how to do it in our previous chapter, where we were talking how to count cards in blackjack in Hi-Op system;
  2. Remember values of the cards;
  3. Add cards value to determine the value of the cards in the deck;
  4. Make bets, analyzing the situation on the table and value of the cards (increase if count positive, decrease if count is negative);

We hope, that this advices will be helpful to you and you won’t have problems with counting cards in blackjack anymore.

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