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Blackjack Slot Machine: Live Casino Game

Many blackjack fans claim that the card games have lost their appeal in the format of standard machines. It is for such demanding users that live casino is offered: broadcasting of the gaming process is conducted from real halls, which provides a high degree of realism and transparency of the online session. The menu at NetGame Casino has a whole collection of live games from the famous provider Ezugi. Live Blackjack is incredibly popular. Online session runs on portable and stationary devices – you only need to have a stable connection to the Internet.

Blackjack live game overview

Activating the process, the user has the opportunity to appreciate the interior and the incredible charm of a real casino, feeling in the atmosphere of a risky big game. The party in blackjack is held with the participation of a live professional dealer (in this case, the rules allow croupiers to change each other after a certain period of time). In a special preview, the gamer will notice the name of the host, who will comment on the exciting game of Blackjack.blackjack live game

The main feature of Blackjack Live is the preservation of the standard rules of gameplay, so the goals and objectives of Blackjack remain the same. It is necessary to collect a combination that will bring more points than the croupier. Ideally, the participant wins if the sum of points is close to or reaches the value of 21. The gambler can simply watch the actions of the croupier: in the case of overshooting, the opponent’s points are canceled, which automatically allows the player to be the winner. After loading blackjack live casino, the user will notice a special lobby on the interface of his device, where the list of blackjack game tables is placed. It is necessary to choose a free, because wishing to bet with Lady Fortune quite a lot. On the screen of the device user will notice the colored chips, their face value is variable, which allows you to make bets in accordance with their own bankroll. On the selected chip should be clicked and then make a click, confirming a place at the table. Sometimes it happens that the current blackjack session makes you wait a few minutes before joining the game.

Live blackjack game rules

It is worth knowing the basic rules of the gameplay. Eight decks are used to play blackjack; there are no jokers. After mixing the decks, the dealer hands out a pair to all participants. At the same time, one croupier’s card is closed, but the gamer will be free to assess the strength of his hand. Thematic section of the game Blackjack allows you to decide on the options for evaluating the cards. The most senior – Ace, brings 11 or 1 point – it depends on the quality of the combination on the box of the participant in the game of blackjack. Court cards bring 10 points, the rest – according to the face value. If it was possible to collect the highest combination of Ace and Ten, the user will receive a reward of 3:2; other options in favor of the player is valued at 1:1.

The game in Blackjack starts the user who takes the furthest place to the right. It is necessary to know the algorithms of action to successfully play the multiplayer version. The player is invited to take an additional card if you want to strengthen your combination. If, however, as a result of the first deal were in hand a pair of identical cards, you can split, doubling the current bet and taking one for each card. In this case, the split on Aces gives the opportunity to take only one additional. Often the actions of the gambler depends on the card the dealer shows. If the opponent was an Ace, you can surrender, thereby returning 1/2 bet; there is also the option of insurance. The dealer’s “soft” 17 means that the opponent has no further cards to draw. Live Casino Blackjack rules allow you to make side bets that are considered additional and can operate simultaneously with the main.

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