Blackjack strategy: learn how to become the best gamer

If you are the type of gamers who play only for fun and simplicity, you can definitely give your fate to your luck and simply follow the gameplay.

However, if you are the type of gamers who like to have their influence on the result of the game and make everything possible to win, you would definitely need some advice for playing. This card game has a certain probability of different combos of cards that can be calculated and learned. Thus, if you learn those probabilities, you will be able to use particular strategies and enhance your chances to win.

The main goal of the game is obvious – you are to obtain the combo that will be nearer toward 21 than the combo of the croupier without overcoming it. The first step of the game is to make bets and then both sides receive their cards.

What strategies can be applied to the game

There are several guidelines for the gameplay that can be applied according to the proficiency of the gamer:

  1. blackjack basic strategy – it is a good choice for gamers of all levels, but newbies will especially find it useful;
  2. the Hi-Lo method – it is more suitable for trained and experienced players who already know all the specifics;
  3. general extra tips to increase your potential.

Pick the way according to your skills and do not neglect various tips.

Blackjack gambling strategy for new gamers

The main method known in the gambling world is the strategy that is called basic. It provides the gamer with a table that shows what moves should be made in case of one or another count of cards. So you will see a particular chart that you can find in the Internet and open in front of you in order to apply this blackjack strategy.

The gamer has four moves in the game: hit, stand, double, and surrender. All of them are explained in the chart.blackjack strategy games

The method for pros

The well-known Hi-Lo method is a complex way of winning. It requires mind calculations and a lot of practice.

The next steps describe the method:

    • mark each card with its value in your mind;
    • practice keeping a running count as fast and clear as possible;
    • practice to do the true count that is the count per each deck obtained by dividing the running count by the number of decks;
    • make all your bets according to the true count: the bets are increased with increasing count and vice versa.

This strategy is difficult and requires a lot of time and practice.

blackjack strategy play

Some tips to enhance your playing

There are also several tips that can improve your gaming experience significantly:

        • the more fluent you become in the game terms, the better and faster you will be able to decide;
        • choose the most favorable conditions such as fewer decks on the table, soft 17, allowance to double, etc.;
        • choose the highest RTP;
        • do not fall for the insurance bet;
        • practice your blackjack strategy in free versions.

You can pick the most suitable way for playing and enjoy your time easily.

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